Tuesday, May 3, 2011

22 weeks already!

Can you believe it?  I am not sure anyone is actually reading anymore because I am the worst blogger ever! I had the best intentions of documenting each moment of this pregnancy and savour it.  To be honest, its just sailing by, I am so busy with work and Shelby and well I have had alot of sick days!  I am down two teeth, can you believe it?  Meh...teeth are overrated lol   The old saying used to be that you lose a tooth for every pregnancy. I think when that was a common saying, there was lesser nutrition for pregnant moms, and the baby's needs did take calcium and other nutrients from the mom.  Hmmm well maybe that is a sure sign that I dont eat right and probably because I have been skipping my vitamin because it makes me sick.  I learned a little lesson - DONT skip your vitamins, or your teeth WILL fall out LOL   Also during pregnancy, increased hormone levels can make your teeth and gums extra sensitive to bacteria, which could increase your risk of developing certain dental infections. So call up your dentist and make that appointment!  Well at least I can come out laughing.  It really was a awful awful experience, to make a long story short, I got burnt really bad and had to take painkillers which i couldnt help but was not pleased about.  
So that has been my last few weeks in a nutshell.  I was not able to eat anything for about a week due to a massive blister in my mouth, so I had to drink meal replacements to ensure my lil man got some nutrients.  NOT a fun time at all!   Did I mention, go see your dentist if your pregnant!  ;-)

Despite the lack of eating, this lil man just keeps on growing and growing!

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