Monday, March 21, 2011

Spoke too soon

We had a scare this past weekend, I started to have some bright red bleeding Saturday night.  Not what you want to see!  I was scared but kept calm until the next day.  We found a sitter for Shelby and off to the hospital we went!  What a long process, dont recommend it at all.  When you are under 24 weeks, you cant go to L&D, you have to go straight thru emergency.  It was a 9 hour day.  We got to have an ultrasound and baby is fine!  Baby waved at us and we seen its heart beating away.   I did however have a small kidney stone and my placenta is low lying.  They couldnt say for sure that the blood was from the placenta but its assumed at this point.  I have to take it easy, nothing to strenuous, so no gym...boooo.  Main thing is me and baby are A-Ok!  

What It Means When You Have A Low-Lying Placenta

Many women don't think much about their placenta because it's something that usually doesn't require much thought. For most women, the placenta forms naturally and without the knowledge of the mother at the top of the uterus. But, in some women the placenta forms at the lower half of the uterus and is called a low-lying placenta. A low lying placenta doesn't have to be a problem, and even if you start out with a low lying placenta it doesn't mean that you'll end up having complications near the middle or end of your pregnancy.

A low-lying placenta is often diagnosed at an ultrasound in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy at a time when doctors aren't necessarily too concerned with the position of the placenta. Many women have a low-lying placenta diagnosed earlier in pregnancy when they experience bright red vaginal bleeding. The vaginal bleeding is caused by growth of the placenta, and because the placenta is hanging over the cervix, the outer layers actually peel off and cause bleeding. The bleeding usually does not pose any threat to the baby, but a large amount of bleeding can cause issues for the mother if it continues.

Even if you have been diagnosed as having a low-lying placenta, there is hope. Many women start out with a low lying placenta, but then as the baby and the placenta grow; it sort of migrates up out of the way of the cervix. It may be a slow process, but don't be too surprised if at your next ultrasound your placenta is now anything but low-lying. Most women will experience a dramatic change in the area in which the placenta resides, though .5-1% of women will experience little or no change.

If you experience no change, your doctor will keep a close eye on your progress. If you experience heavy bleeding, you may be hospitalized until delivery so that you don't lose too much blood, risking your life and the life of your baby. While staying in the hospital under observation might not be your idea of fun, it's the best way for your doctors to determine if your baby needs to be delivered sooner rather than later.

If you arrive at your due date with a low lying or partially covered cervix, you'll be scheduled for a cesarean section. This might be a blow to your plan for delivery, but in the end it's the only way to safely deliver your baby because your placenta covers your cervix.

If you've just been diagnosed with a low-lying placenta, think positive thoughts. Remember that most women experience a change that allows them to go through their pregnancy and delivery just like every other woman. If your low lying placenta does not improve, it's going to be okay, it's just another excuse to take extra special care of yourself and your baby!

Friday, March 18, 2011

16 weeks

Today I am 16 weeks pregnant!  I cant believe I made this far already!  I can easily say ahh I brezzed thru the first 4 months now that I am here.  How quickly we forget the bad.  I had the worst morning sickness, I didnt want to be pregnant anymore.  And so easily I have passed it and forgotten! I guess thats why we continue to have more and more babies after the 1st!  I am still getting to the gym at least 3 sometimes 5 days a week! I am so proud of myself!  I am really tired. I am not sure if its just the pregnancy or the fact that I workout and work and have a toddler,...oh and I am moving LOL  Reading that makes me tired.  I guess i am normal :-)
What else can I tell you... cravings?  Hmmm, it was salty stuff for awhile, then greasy stuff, then red meat and now its fruits n veggies.  I guess nothing really too compelling.  No real complaints yet either.
I had an OB appt the other day, and we heard the wee ones heartbeat, I find that so comforting :-)   I have an ultrasound on April 8 and we hope to find out the gender.  Here is my belly, this morning at the gym!