Monday, January 17, 2011

I'll take the good with the bad

One of the first things that happens is nausea... oh what fun!  I have been sick every day, for about half the day, most days I vomit numerous times throughout the day.  I can steer it off if I am really full oddly enough.  If I can stomach the food long enough to get it in and fill up the belly, I mean real full then the nausea passes.  How bizarre!  I have taken a real liking to orange juice, I mean I drank a whole jug yeaterday LOL

So the good... your sense of smell is heightened when you become pregnant.  I did groceries on the weekend and I was walking around in the produce aisle, daydreaming a little as I was by myself.  All of a sudden I got a strong whiff of peaches, so strong I could taste them.  My mouth started to water, I felt like something out of a commercial.  I was looking around for them and it took me several minutres to locate them as they were 3 aisles over... Now thats a nose!!!!!!!!!!  It was a really enjoyable experience!

By the way, I am 7 weeks!

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