Friday, January 28, 2011

Bye Bye fertility centre!

Today we had our nine week ultrasound.  We saw the little bean wiggle about and a strong heartbeat at 176 beats per minute.  It really does kinda look like a tadpole still lol but its our little tadpole that will soon be a baby in my arms!  I have a UTI, they are no fun at all, but at least I got some penicillin right away to nip it in the butt! 
Today was our grad day at the Fertility clinic, what that means is there is nothing more they can do to help you, their job is done, they knock me up and send me on my way :-)  I will now wait to see my OB that will look after me for the duration of my pregnancy.  My ovaries are still really really huge and sore. So as it stands, our due date is Sept 2!  Wonder if this bean will cook that long or come early like their sister did!  
On a side note, I am still really cranky and puking. I really hope it passes soon! 
Heres a pic of todays adventure!

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