Friday, January 14, 2011

We are expecting again!

We had a failed attempt at IVF back in the  Spring.   I was so hesitant to start again.  The BFN really sets you back emotionally, tarnishes your hopes and dreams.  I had planned on jumping right back on the IVF band wagon. We decided to go ahead in Nov, cautiously optimistic!  I wasn't even sure if I really wanted to go ahead as I made the call!  As the cycle progressed, I got a little more hopeful and more excited! I couldnt help it.  I decided I was going to be excited, screw it, if it didnt work, there was always beer and tequila LOL  When it came to transfer day, my hopes grew stronger as we were presented with 2 Grade 4 8 cell embryos to transfer!  They were perfect, the day was perfect!   To end the perfect story, I POAS ( pee on a stick) on Christmas morning which was 7 days past my transfer and low and behold 2 beautiful pink lines! We were pregnant! Who knows what the futire holds, but for that moment we were pregnant!  Fast forward to Jan 4, we had our Beta HCG drawn and the results were in - 3025!  We were very pregnant!!!!   Jan 10, we had our first ultrasound that revealed one perfect little bean with a heartbeat flickering away!   We are so very excited!  Shelby is going to be a big sister!


  1. doesn't that pooh bear belly just emphasize the word 'big'!

  2. Congratulations! Looking forward to following your story here on Blogger :-) Dani xx